Sunday, December 28, 2014

Kali Goddess of Empowerment

Kali, Hindu goddess for empowerment, is possibly the most misunderstood of all the Hindu goddesses.  Her association with death has led to the belief she brings violence and destruction.  What is true is she brings change.  She is the one who roots out what is slowing or injuring our growth and sometimes that isn't pretty.  But Kali is mother love.  When you think of Kali, think tough love.

She is a liberator.  She will bring about those events that force you to make a choice.  You can't pray for strength and then refuse every opportunity to show how strong you are and still ask Kali to make you strong.  Either you're willing to do what it takes to be strong or you choose to be weak.

She opens your eyes to what is holding you back.  She brings truth to the table and when she is finished you will not only own your role in what is slowing you down, but you will have a road map to getting yourself out of the quagmire you find yourself in and the strength to pull yourself out.

I am so tired of hearing people whine about how bad they have it, how they just never catch a break, or how being what ever gender, race, age, or religion they are has cursed them.  For every person who bemoans the fact they can't get ahead because of circumstances beyond their control, I can show you hundreds who succeeded under those same circumstances.  Successful people often climb over the heaps of people belly aching about not being able to get ahead to get ahead!

Kali wipes the haze from in front of the eyes and exposes the truth; you are what is keeping you down.  Your own negative thinking has placed you where you are on the ladder of success.  Until you see how damaging your thinking is to how you approach obstacles, nothing and no one can help you for very long.  You are your own worst enemy.

Is it hard work to get where you want to be?  You bet.  But it's worth every drop of sweat.  The secret successful people have shared for centuries is this; do what you love and you'll never work a day.  It's not about trying to DO WHAT OTHERS DO.  It's about FINDING YOUR OWN PASSION.  The amount of success you achieve depends on the amount of sweat equity you're willing to put into it.

Be honest with yourself regarding what you really want out of life.  Some people shudder at the idea of being in the spotlight.  I do.  The last thing I want is to be the one making the speeches, posing for the photos, giving the interviews.  I want recognition, but on a seriously dialed back level.  I am most happy making things happen from behind the curtain.  Isn't that where the Wizard was most comfortable?  That's me.  The one keeping all the balls in the air from behind the curtain.  I do not envy the high profile achievers because I adore my privacy.  But to others, it's the heat from the lights that warms their souls.  More power to them because it takes a team to keep them looking spotlight-ready.  I want to be on the team...not under the hot lights.

Kali has unwavering judgement, strong willpower, and penetrative insight.  Once she gets you in her cross hairs, because you've asked, she won't give up on you until she's broken through the walls you've built up around yourself.  She will bring to the surface your attachments to people, possessions, and more importantly how you react when you're threatened with losing them.  It's these kind of adjustments that bring most people to their knees.  It's the source of the warning Be Careful What You Ask For...You Just Might Get It.  Even though what we think will be the end of us usually ends up being what frees us.

When things seem out of control, or coming at you all at once and any change in routine feels like a root canal without anesthesia, this is Kali telling you that you're out of balance with life.  I've gone through stretches of time where one thing after another hit me to the point I was in tears.  That stupid tree that cost me money I didn't have to spare to have it removed in late summer was likely the very tree that would have been on my roof when the now infamous October Surprise downed thousands of trees all over the city when the ice storm hit.  I sat in my cozy house, listening to limbs crack and fall so thunderously they shook all my windows, but not one tree that fell under the weight of thick ice was near my house.  I reflected on how badly I had acted over one more thing hitting me in the checkbook.  In reality, I was being protected.

Right now I am in the midst of a blitzkrieg against my savings because of an error in a tax return from a couple years ago, a plumbing issue that won't quit because apparently there were no code inspections when the house was built, and unexpected car repairs.  It's one thing after another and I'm trying really hard not to panic.  I do know, all the changes that these issues are bringing about are necessary.  I know that eventually, somewhere down the road, I'm going to see how everything that happened fits perfectly with what I needed to learn or where I'll need to be at some point in the future.

I also know that life ebbs and flows, waxes and wanes, and eventually things will even out and, if I'm right to expect, start climbing out of the pit I find myself in currently.  I've learned not to get too cocky about things when I'm on the top because life is about balance.  You can not live your entire life at the top or the bottom before opportunities for change happen.  But you have to be in the right attitude to make those opportunities a reality.  If you insist on stinking thinking, don't be surprised when you have a constant run of disasters to fuel that thinking.

Life gives us what is most consuming our waking thoughts.  It is happy to give you more of what you insist on filling your mind, whether it's gratitude for what you have or whining over what you've lost or don't have enough of right now.  It's totally your ship to sail.  You captain the vessel and your smooth sailing or rouge waves are your own choosing.  I firmly believe in the theory of fake it til you make it.  At first this looking for the good in any situation is painful, but the sooner it becomes a habit the better for you.  When things are on the right path, life is full of positive energy and you're alert and secure, but it's even more important to hold tight to your attitude of gratitude when things aren't going smoothly.  Kali is at work.  Trust in the knowledge that life is about change and balance.  Learn to hold on to those things you cherish, whether it's people or possessions, with open hands.  Life held too tightly fights to be free.